Wake up!

I watch the news, listen to our politicians, to all the "Willkommenskultur" disciples and I am speechless (not a common state of affairs for me, as you may know!) ... Where is the shit storm? Where are the LIBERALS, the defenders of freedom, the feminists?!?!?! Eery, helpless silence.

Here the grim facts: thousands of - yes, mainly - male refugees/migrants populated a number of public places in big German cities on the night of new year with the singular aim of getting drunk and having some "sexual amusement", mainly with women, girls who wanted to have no part in that "amusement". And on the tailwind of such "revelry" any number of professional pickpockets and other small criminals (also it seemed mainly of Middle Eastern, North African origin) operated in the chaos.

Yes, sexual harassment, assault or rape are not crimes reserved for Arab migrants. I'm neither an idiot not a racist (hells bells! My husband is from Morocco, my first husband was from India ... Call me a racist?!?! Then you're the fool!) ... But can we please all stop pussy-footing around the real issues here?

What happened in New Year's Eve was a direct consequence of Angela Merkel's disastrous "welcome refugees" strategy. Eyewitness reports from victims and police are blood-curdling and shocking. And we don't need politicians or media trying to play it down, distort or cover up.

Fact: REFUGEES from Syria etc were the bulk of the rebel-rousing mob. They cockily abused police on the ground, tore up their refugee IDs and told them "We'll just get new papers in the morning. ... Fuck the police!"

Fact: Females that tried to cross the square before the cathedral in Cologne were verbally abused, insulted, physically attacked, sexually harassed and at least two of them raped.

Fact: Politicians, police and mainstream media tried to cover up or at least play down the events. The first headlines popped up FOUR DAYS LATER!!!!

And what followed was/is even more embarrassing. Politicians blamed the police for having failed to do their job. Brilliant, eh? For decades, austerity mania, cost cutting and job cutting ... And now the underpaid, overworked police on the ground are to blame? Very cheap shot!

And then - to top it all - the FEMALE mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, suggested how women in Germany ought to start behaving in future "for safety" ... Keeping foreign-looking men at "arms distance" and not wearing short skirts were among the helpful suggestions. Hello?!?! Why not suggest we start wearing a burqa? Surely that should be even SAFER!

Frau Reker - resign! Today! Women like you are the last thing we need in politics.

But that's not all: A prominent Protestant minister suggested to send "free prostitutes" (meaning on taxpayers expense!) to the refugee camps ... Speechless! A PRIEST?!?! Just give them enough free - pardon my French! - fucks and they might behave?!?!

I am a child of the sixties. Make peace, not war ... Burn yer bras, mini skirts, free love ... Women's lib ... We fought long and hard for equal rights for women. We have politicians up and down the country debating "women's quotas" in business and politics. We have whole armies of feminists worrying about such niceties as insisting to "feminise" our language ... No more chairMEN, but chairwomen or chairPERSON.

Hello?!?! Our great-grandmothers actually FOUGHT for women's rights (see photo of a suffragette protest in London). They fought so that WE can walk the streets alone, in whatever dress we choose, without being assaulted, harassed, let alone raped. I am not willing to throw that all away for hordes of ungrateful assholes who think they can take their medieval image of women to MY COUNTRY!

I say: wake up! Stop it now!

Women in MY country can walk the streets alone at night, can wear what they choose, can look any man straight in the eye, can talk back ... And expect NOT to be insulted, attacked, abused, raped. And I will fight to the teeth in keeping it that way.

If our politicians are not willing to defend my freedom - as a woman or as a European - then ... Sorry ... Maybe it's time for a revolution ... Not one of fear, xenophobia and neo-nationalism. A revolution for freedom of all those who are prepared to defend our liberties - no matter what color their skin or their religion! I am ready ... Are you?!?

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